Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Association is supported and managed by an elected Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors promote the interests of the Alumni Association and serve as liaisons between the Association and Fitchburg State community and community at-large.

The following members of the board have been elected by the Alumni Association and are dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the Association.


Executive Committee Members

Dawn Morton, Class of 1990

Dawn (Polascak) Morton '90

John Garten, Class of 1989

John Garten '89

Stephanie Marchetti, Class of 2007 & 2010

Stephanie (Fielding) Marchetti '07, '10


Seferine Baez, Class of 2018

Seferine Baez '18

Jim Walsh, Class of 1975

Jim Walsh '75
Past President



Directors At-Large


Eddie Brissett '96, '99

Rose Cardarelli, Class of 1981

Rose Cardarelli '81


Ronald P. Colbert '76, '80

Rob Comeau, Class of 1993

Rob Comeau '93


Joshua Cormier '99

Mark Fearer, Fitchburg State Class of 1993 & 1999

Mark Fearer '93, '99

Raymond Gallagher, Fitchburg State Class of 2015

Ray Gallagher '15


David Ginisi '16 

David Gonalez '10

 Eric Gregoire, Class of 2011

           Eric Gregoire '11          Alumni Trustee

Ian James, Class of 2009

Ian James '09


Ibrahim Kallon '17, 19


Kristin Kelly, Esq '16

Shylah Maloney '15

Francine Meigs, Fitchburg State Class of 1983

Francine (Pericotti) Meigs '83

Jennifer Melanson, Class of 2018

Jen Melanson '18 

Nicholas D. Smith, Class of 2011

Nick Smith '11

Dan Seaman, Class of 2007

Daniel Seaman '07


Paula Stefanakos, Class of 1992 & 2002

Paula (Ashford) Stefanakos '92, '02



Ex-Officio (without vote)

Dr. Richard S. Lapidus

Dr. Richard S. Lapidus
President of
Fitchburg State University

Jeffrey Wolfman

Jeffrey Wolfman
Vice President for
Institutional Advancement

Tanya Hoos Crowley MS '21
Director of Alumni and Family Relations


Luke Eslinger
Student Government Association Liaison


The Fitchburg State University Alumni Office works closely with the Alumni Association Board of Directors to integrate graduates within each aspect of the University community. While the Alumni Board and staff work to better the Fitchburg State experience and create a culture of Falcon Pride, they can't do it alone, we need your help!
Volunteers in leadership positions play a very special role in the advancement of Fitchburg State. They are the leaders whose time and talents inspire others' participation and financial support of the University.
Our volunteers give their time because they feel that the University is an important resource for the community and a vital part of the lives of our students. They feel the responsibility to "give something back" to the University after the experiences they enjoyed and benefited from while here, and their value to Fitchburg State is immeasurable.
Each volunteer offers their own unique talents and expertise for the benefit of the University and their fellow alumni. The Alumni and Development Office supports, guides, and assists volunteers to ensure that the experience is enjoyable, rewarding, and in direct support of the mission of Fitchburg State University. But our volunteers are leaders in their own right. Board members and committee chairs in particular assume roles with a high degree of authority, autonomy, and accountability.

Join the Board!

The Fitchburg State University Alumni Association Board of Directors is always seeking active and involved graduates of Fitchburg State University to serve the Association and its committees. These committed individuals should display qualities of leadership, integrity, and spirited volunteerism. All interested parties should contact the alumni office before March 1st. Please submit your cover letter and resume to

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Alumni Association Board Committees

We are always looking for alumni to join committees that advance the specific goals of the Alumni Association. You do not need to be a Board member to serve on a committee, and many volunteers choose to test the waters on a committee before applying to serve on the Board of Directors. It is a great way to meet the people who are the driving force of the Alumni Association and to make a difference in your own particular field of interest at Fitchburg State.

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