Annual Fund

Fitchburg State Game Design ProgramFor nearly three decades, the Annual Fund has given Fitchburg State University the private edge in public education. By generating much-needed funds for some of the University’s greatest needs, the Annual Fund has been the critical difference in Fitchburg State’s ability to provide high-quality, affordable undergraduate and graduate education.



Gifts to the Annual Fund allow the University:

  • Fitchburg State Humanities ProgramTo make a Fitchburg State education accessible to all qualified students, regardless of income
  • To recruit and retain talented faculty
  • To enrich the learning environment and community of the campus
  • To foster intellectual, social and ethical development among its students
  • Virtually no aspect of Fitchburg State University has been untouched by the Annual Fund.

This would not be possible without the generous support we receive from our alumni, parents and friends. The good news is it doesn’t take a huge donation to make a huge impact on the lives of our students. Taken all together, Annual Fund gifts are a significant source of support for the University.

Please make your gift today